Reflexology is an effective ally and very beneficial to any child. In my experience as a mother, reflexology proved to be a precious ally, helping me for more than twenty-two years, where I observed in practice its effective benefits.Useful tool in helping the newborn and children of all ages, it facilitates an effective adaptation of the young organism to its new way of life, calming anxieties, helping them to sleep, as well as relieving constipation, earaches, among other symptoms.With the application of reflexology, everyone benefits: parents gain self-confidence and are better acquainted with their children’s bodies, there is general promotion of well-being and strengthening of parent-child relationships with their children, since contact and warmth are an excellent way to strengthen communication.


How the sessions take place

Through my facilitation, parents are guided in the practice of various stimulation techniques. For each symptom, a small protocol for in-home performance is studied.

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Using Multi Reflexology as an ally to relieve common symptoms that affect children is my proposal. As a mother, reflexology was a great ally in relieving symptoms such as constipation, fever, cramps, otitis, sinusitis, sore throats, etc.
Proposal of 4 different sessions for relief of common symptoms of the digestive system, respiratory system, immune system and relaxation.

1st Wednesday – Relief of cramps, reflux, constipation
2nd Wednesday – Relief of colds, sore throats, otitis, sinusitis, fever
3rd Wednesday – How to strengthen the immune system
4th Wednesday – Relaxation


03pm to 05 pm|Minimum 2 participants

One session 20€

Pack of 4 sessions 65€