Throughout the ages, the techniques applied in reflexology have been systematized and improved by several authors, who have mapped different body maps.

In this sense the term multireflexology becomes a new paradigm in reflexology, being the human body constituted by several reflexes mapped in different zones and not only in feet, hands and face. In this way, the concept defines the existence of reflexes of the organs and systems of the body in points located also in other parts (in addition to those already known).Based on the principle of similarity of form of ancient philosophies, where “what is above is below” and “what is on the right is on the left,” we find in the body several possibilities to treat symptoms and pathologies more effectively.

About the sessions

What is the duration?

Each session lasts an average of 55 minutes.

How many are needed?

It depends on what you want to treat. In 4 sessions you will see benefits and improvements. However, each case is a case, and an evaluation done in the first session will clarify the better course.Easy to apply and receive, the sessions are relaxing and can be received by anyone at any age.

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