Biomagnetic pair

The Biomagnetic pair is a therapeutic system founded by Dr. Isaac Goiz Durán since 1988. Magnets are used to harmonize the body and fight against parasites, fungi, bacteria, viruses that are the cause of diseases and symptoms.

The system consists of the recognition of altered energy points in the human body that together cause disease.It is indicated for any type of pathology, always restoring homeostasis and well-being, without ever triggering any aggravation of the disease..

The medical Biomagnetic pair therapy contraindicated in situations where there has been chemotherapy or radiation therapy in pregnancy and in persons with pacemakers.



“Getting in Touch”; is the generic title for Mike Boxhall work. The intention of “Getting in Touch” is to connect with the Stillness that, like the eye of the storm, is within all pathology. Where is this Stillness? It is mindfulness centred on the body. The heart of this work is doing nothing, just being in awareness and accepting, completely without judgement or reaction, whatever we are being shown. The deeper intelligence that is so vast in the human being, on being reminded through the mirroring, knows what it needs to do. This, I believe is what Sutherland meant by “Rely upon the Tide.” Once we have a well-established ego to start with, let us get it out of the way and just remain in stillness! Everything arises from stillness.