With several courses in complementary therapies (feet, hand, face ear reflexology, Biomagnetic pair, among many others) I became a professional in the area of ​​health and natural therapies.

Being the development as a therapist also my own path of transformation, I systematize the search for the best tool and technique to balance the health of those who choose me.

Practitioner of chi kung, I enjoy walking, I love gardens and pic-nics, to be with friends, to talk, to look at the stars, to travel and, above all, the simplicity. And as a good Portuguese, also like to «snack», to meet other cultures and people.





What I do

  • Certified instructor by Portuguese IEFP (instituto de emprego e formação professional) .
  • Certified instructor by Escuela Internacional de Multireflexology DChan, from 2012 to 2019.
  • Representative and promoter of the courses of facial reflexology Dien Chan method of Prof. Buí Quôc Chau in 2012 in Portugal.
  • Training in Full Body Reflexology that allows the integration of reflexology combined with other acquired techniques.
  • Translator of the book of Facioterapia method Dien Chan into Portuguese, with several lectures and technical workshops held in Portugal and Brazil. In addition  organizes and promotes meetings, conferences and workshops of Multireflexology, aromatherapy and conscious eating directed to the general public in Portuguese, English and Spanish.
  • Author of the didactic worksheets «The First Steps» to help parents and educators in the application of foot reflexology in a practical and simple way in their daily lives.
  • Mentor of the concept “Multireflexology” in Portugal and the project “Cuidar, Amar” (https://www.facebook.com/consciousoils/).